About Us

Refleurished was born from the shared experiences of seasoned event professionals who bore witness to the wasteful disposal of millions of dollars' worth of fresh, long-lasting flowers. This recurring cycle, both emotionally taxing and environmentally harmful, spurred us into action.

Driven by our reverence for floral beauty and our desire to spread joy, we are dedicated to preserving and revitalizing these exquisite blooms. Our mission extends beyond sustainability; we aim to instill value and foster conscious decision-making within the floral industry and continue to bring joy to our Refleurished community.

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Our Team

Jeannie Uyanik

Co-Founder, Strategy & Communications

Jeannie has been in the event industry for over 20 years and has seen the waste of flowers firsthand. She is passionate about sustainability and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

Annie Ma

Co-Founder, Design and Branding

Annie has over a decade of branding and design experience with a focus in the event industry. She strongly believes in the power of design to invigorate change and bring joy to people.

Victor Demydov

Co-Founder, Engineering

Victor is an experienced technology professional and enterpreneur with over 18 years of experience building consumer and enterprise software products.
He is passionate about sustainability and loves the beauty and simplicity of flowers.